Public Meeting 22nd July 2007

Statement by the action group

Since our last meeting on the 16th May, relatively small groups of people have successfully completed the steps agreed in an attempt to prevent a new planning application by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Firstly, the completion of 548 CCBC's Preferred Local Development plan forms requesting the removal of the 47-acre Ty-Du site from the actual Local Development Plan. This was completed in just 10 days, and presented to Principal Planning officer Mr. Ralph Bourke on 29th May. (Photographs and receipt are displayed around the hall).

Secondly, just a week last Wednesday the 11th June, a group of us were met by our assembly member, Jeff Cuthbert, who accompanied us as we were presented a 1692 signature petition to the welsh assembly government, requesting the return on the 7 acre miners welfare ground to the people of nelson for their immediate use and for the use of future generations. This was the aim of our father and forefather miners who bought and paid for the upkeep of this land. This area is the only part of the 47 acre Ty-Du site that is actually owned by the welsh assembly government, two farmers owning the surrounding green fields, having, since 1995 a Compulsory Purchase order hanging over them. At that time neither landowner wanted to lose their property. We don't know if this is still the case.

Imagine our dismay, on returning from the Senedd In Cardiff to find a Planning application from the Welsh Assembly Government to caerphilly county borough for development of a "Prestige Business Park and associated works", not an outline planning as stated on the letter, but Part Full, to erect 15 units, each on it' own plateau. Two of these adjacent to the A472 and directly opposite Meadow View to be 3 storeys high, and the other 2 storey units rising upward to a total of some 18 meters, approximately 60 feet above road level.

This meeting needs to discuss this planning application, decide what to do, how and when, all officially by the end of this month. We have complained about the shortage of time, and Planning has agreed to extend this date by a week or two.

If it is decided to carry on, much must be done, and we will need all the extra assistance we can get.

Our A.M and MP Wayne David both support our efforts to stop this monstrous development and are interceding on out behalf. For this we thank them.

Please address your comments, questions, and ideas, through the chair in an orderly manner.

Thank you.