Statement by Nelson Action Group - 24th July 2008

Having carried out decisions made at our last group meeting, the results are as follows:-
1) Nelson Action Group has attended meetings with officers of CCBC with a view to putting forward our complaints about the 'suspect' voting at the Planning meeting, as advised by independent planning sources. Nelson Action Group has been advised that the Corporate Complaint procedure is not appropriate for our complaint.
2) Letters were sent to every Plaid Cymru and Independent Councillor, advising of information received as follows: - "Where a Local Planning Authority are minded due to the impact on the amenity of an area, they can either revoke the permission if the development has NOT taken place and if it has, they can order the discontinuance of the development". So far one letter has been received from a cabinet member stating some discussion has taken place with colleagues and the outcome will be advised in due course.
3)  Letter to Jane Davidson AM, the minister for the Environment, Sustainability & Housing, who declined to call-in the planning application even though there were a number of requests to do so; including those from our AM Jeff Cuthbert and MP Wayne David. Ms. Davidson thought: "the issues were not of more than local importance and took no planning issues into consideration". We pointed out that we consider we have a number of the necessary issues for a call-in; and are extremely disappointed considering the many and varied environmental issues and planning conditions attached to this purely speculative development; that she failed to consider the issues in the planning report.  A letter in response was received on 22/7/08 from the Regeneration Manager of DE&T South East (the planning applicants themselves) who point out that the Planning application has been considered and approved, and any complaints should be taken to CCBC or the Ombudsman.
An application to the Ombudsman had been made prior to receipt of above letter, and confirmation received.
This is not the news we expected, but be assured that we will leave 'no stone unturned' in our continuing effort to save our green fields and the Miners Welfare Ground.

This is the only possible area that could contain the leisure facilities we have lost and should have been replicated according to the 1983 ruling at an Independent Inspector's Inquiry.