Caerphilly County Borough Council has granted Planning Consent to D.E.I.T of the Welsh Assembly Government for the preparatory works at Ty-Du in preparation for the construction of approximately 27 2 and 3 storey units for office/light industry usage (Category B1, and definitely no other category ever to be introduced) Each unit will be housed on its own plateau surrounded by the existing landscape of grass, hedging and trees, as far as is possible. Part of the existing ancient hedgerows will be moved to other parts of the site. We have been assured that this task has been successful in other sites.

Planning Consent contains Section 106 Agreements for 29 conditions to be discharged, and we understand that WAG has applied for European funding in support of these conditions. The outcome of the funding application should be known during September 2010. If successful, discharging the planning consent conditions will take approximately 12 months, then a further 18 months to complete the necessary ground works on site.

The first of the 106 conditions was the funding of a transport link between Nelson and Ystrad  Mynach Railway Station. This, we were informed would take place on completion of the first unit on site.

One of the main fears of residents is the outdated sewer system in Nelson, with many residents suffering flooding of rain and foul water to properties. Apparently, Welsh Water insists that the necessary remedial works have been carried out and drainage provision is quite adequate to accommodate this area. (We shall see!)  WAG has given assurances that they will make further checks in relation to all aspects of flood potential.

We know that WAG owns the Miners Welfare Ground. They acquired it from Caerphilly County Borough Council, who, having purchased it from the then Trustees of the ground, promptly passed it on to WAG. We also know that the owners of the surrounding 40 acres did not wish to sell their land, and their land therefore would need to be compulsorily purchased.  We understand that one party has now come to an agreement, and the other is near to agreeing.

WAG have carried out some minor works I.E. grass and shrub cutting, and have also renewed the stiles of the existing ‘Rights of Way’ paths through the area. The stiles, we are told are very high, and many folk are unable to use them, thus preventing would be walkers gaining access to the land, and more importantly potentially resulting in the loss of existing registered ‘rights of way’.

This has been reported to the ROW department of CCBC and to WAG, but nothing so far has been done.

The Ty-Du Saga has been running for many years. We’ve fought a long battle to prevent the destruction of our green fields, and if there is any avenue open to us, we are ready to go on fighting. 



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On Wednesday 28th October, The South Wales Echo reported that Deputy Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones made an announcement at the Assembly Government, during a transport committee discussion on the railway infrastructure.

This follows the success of the recently re-opened Ebbw Vale railway line which transported its millionth passenger recently. This number being double the expected level.

Mr Jones, Minister for Transport said: “I am commissioning a feasibility study from Network Rail to look at the opening of a number of disused railway lines in Wales. The study will include the line between Aberdare and Hirwaun”.

Nelson Action Group, promptly contacted our A.M. Jeff Cuthbert stating the following: ‘This article interests the people of Nelson, particularly because of Caerphilly County Borough’s short-sightedness in allowing the application for housing development on our old Railway Yard, which was always protected as ‘Informal Leisure’ for future use as Station or Halt and Park & Ride for the forthcoming Cwm Bargoed passenger line’. Could ours possibly be one of the passenger lines in the pipeline?

We received the following reply: ‘It is possible that the old Taff Bargoed line (Bedlinog – Ystrad Mynach) is one of those lines that the Minister for Economy and Transport alludes to in this article when he says that he has asked Network Rail ‘to look at the reopening of a number of disused railway lines in Wales’.

As far as we are aware the reopening of the Taff Bargoed line is a long term aspiration of both the Welsh Assembly Government and SEWTA (South East Wales Transport Alliance). To this end, we have written to WAD’s Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing, asking her to call in CCBC’s decision to approve proposals for housing development at Llancaiach View, for the reasons you cite in you correspondence. Again, we have stressed to the Minister that the reopening of the Taff Bargoed line is an aspiration of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Pat Lapsa
Sec. Nelson Action Group.


Transport Statement

Planning Letter 2

Planning Letter 1

Maps of the proposed Llancaiach View development added to the Maps of the proposed development section.

Press clippings concerning the Llancaiach View development added to the Press clippings section.

Photos of the damage to the welfare ground caused by recent work added to the Photographs section.


Nelson Action Group is committed to scrutinise all projects envisaged for our village.  We will act vigorously in all ways possible to prevent any such proposal that may adversely affect the wellbeing of Nelson residents.

We are continuously monitoring the 47 acre Greenfield Ty-Du site, and have reported what we feel was unnecessary destruction of an area adjacent to the Miners’ Welfare ground. We are still awaiting Caerphilly County Borough Council’s comments on the reports submitted to them. Our AM Jeff Cuthbert has also been informed and is in the process of making enquiries in Cardiff Bay.

We have recently submitted our objections to the proposed housing development at the old Railway Yard, Llancaiach View. Some newspaper reporters have printed our account of the two planning meetings we have attended (see Links to news reports).


Visit to Ty-Du site – Sunday 13th. September 2009 at 2.45 pm.

Visited area to west of the Miners Welfare Ground, which I recently visited when work was being carried out there by Cardiff Arms Environmental and Demolition Services Ltd; Tel: 02920 227862 – Fax : 02920 667536.

I reported this visit to CCBC planning and enforcement departments giving details of work being carried out which supposedly involved asbestos removal and demolition of ‘piggeries’ on the small site.

Comments on today’s visit as follows:

- A large sign with name and contact details for ‘Cardiff Arms Environment Services Ltd., is secured alongside the kissing gate of the Miners Welfare ground. The Large entrance gate to relevant site has been made inoperable by means of earthwork from large machinery operations therein blocking both sides of said gate.

- Fencing between Welfare Ground and the site has been breached, mature trees felled, others badly damaged and partially uprooted.

- Brick-built building, backing on to stream surrounding the site demolished. Cement covered bricks, piled alongside concrete flooring. From this position, one can see part of Somerfield’s Car Park to the right.

- To the left the boundary fence to the Welfare ground and the stream has also been breached, entailing the felling of more trees. Note: The stream runs around part of this left side boundary, both back and right side boundaries to the culvert alongside Somerfield Stores.

- I have made enquiries as to the structure and use of the old building.  Brick built, cement covered, Zinc sheeting roof cover. It was used as a workshop and storage space. I was assured that there was no asbestos on this site.

I noted that no Japanese Knotweed has been removed from this site, as I was previously informed. I feel aggrieved that this destructive work has been allowed to take place, and has obviously been detrimental to wildlife, flora and fauna at all, and especially at a  sensitive season.


This letter together with copy of details of visit of 13th Sept to Ty-Du site was sent to the following :

John Forrester, Planning Dept.CCBC
Lyndsey Whittle, Leader CCBC
Stuart Rosser, Chief Executive CCBC
John Rogers, Legal Dept. CCBC.
Ieuan Wyn Jones, Deputy First Minister, Cardiff.


At a group meeting with our A.M. Jeff Cuthbert, the following items were discussed: - 47 acre Ty- Du site.
At least two lots of work have been carried out since July 2009 by the Cardiff Arms Environment, Demolition & Asbestos Removal Co.
On investigation carried out in July, workmen advised that asbestos was being removed from buildings referred to as ‘piggeries’. There has never to my, or any other Nelson born resident’s knowledge been pigs kept and/or bred on these premises. The only items I witnessed being removed were 6’ -7’ long iron poles, being carried between two young men and deposited in a huge container on the edge of the Welfare ground.
Please see attached report of most recent visit of 13th. September 2009.

Our members were deeply concerned about the possibility of Asbestos removal, with no public knowledge made available beforehand. Directly opposite this small site lies the Trafalgar Care Home, Trafalgar Housing Estate of 250 plus homes, and the Council’s Warden led Senior Citizen Housing Complex.

Another concern was that of the wanton destruction of trees and the disturbance to wildlife at this sensitive season. This area was rich in flora and fauna, with the surrounding stream a habitat for aquatic flora and fauna.

No less important is the double breaching of the boundary between this area and the Miners Welfare Ground, since entrance was gained via the Welfare ground itself, causing very deep ‘rutting’ to the lower area of this ground.

We refer you to the recommendation of the Planning Committee of 05/03/08 which states :-a) the application be DEFERRED to allow the applicant to enter into a Section 106 obligation to contribute £150,000 to a rail link bus service. On completion of the Section 106 obligation that (B) outline planning permission is granted subject to the following conditions: - There follows 29 specific conditions.

We feel that the above Section 106 obligation has been contravened by the wanton desecration of part of the 47 acre Ty-Du site, since neither CCBC nor the public in general had any knowledge of the above described work being carried out.

We would appreciate your comments at your earliest convenience,

p.p. Nelson Action Group

P.M.A. Lapsa (Secretary)


Disappointing petitions verdict - but N.A.G will carry on.

(Presented 11/7/07, Ruled admissible 21/8/07, Initial Consideration 20/9/07 and thereafter further hearings on 21/2/08, 6/3/08, 10/4/08,when it was decided to write to the Deputy First Minister asking what consideration had been given to returning the land to local use.

At the next hearing on 2/10/08, upon information received regarding consultation between D.F.M's officers and members of Nelson Community Council, it was agreed to request details of said consultation.

During the most recent meeting 20/11/08 the Committee considered a response from the Deputy First Minister stating 'officials met with the community council in June 2008, when they explained that there is no possibility of considering reinstating the miners welfare ground, but offered to work with the community council, keeping them informed of any major decisions'.

It was therefore agreed to close Nelson's petition for the return of our Welfare ground for village leisure pursuits.

Our A.M. Jeff Cuthbert and M.P Wayne David have both supported and advised us at each step in our long campaign against the unwanted and unnecessary development of the 47 acre Greenfield Ty-Du site which includes our 7 ½ acre Miners' Welfare ground.

We shall meet early in the New Year to discuss the possibility of any further action we may take. It's been a long and tedious battle since 1983/4 then 1995 to date but we believe residents are still firm in their belief that our green fields should not be desecrated.

Watch this space!


A recent photograph taken during heavy rain has shown the Ty-Du area to be prone to flooding:






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Nelson Action Group has received the following letter:



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Nelson Action Group has received the following letters:






Over 50 residents attended the meeting to hear the result of the Ty-Du Planning application.

No-one from the applicant attended to put forward their case for the development which the officers had recommended (a) the application be DEFERRED to allow the applicants to enter into a Section 106 obligation to contribute £150,000 to a rail link bus service. On completion of the Section 106 obligation that (b) outline planning permission is granted subject to the following conditions.

There followed 29 very specific conditions regarding ‘siting, design and external appearance of the building(s). (To comply with the provision of Section 92 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 = 4 items)

05)A design statement (comprising a written statement and illustrative material in plan and elevation) Reason : In order that the Local Planning Authority can control design in the interest of the visual amenity and proper planning of the area.

06) -09) Various – Reason: In the interest of highway safety.

10) Identify the extent of contamination. Reason: In the interest of public health.

11) – 13) Various remediation strategies – Reason : In the interest and to protect public health.

14) Surface water, foul and land drainage flows from site – Reason: To ensure satisfactory drainage of site.

15) Pollution prevention measures- Reason: To prevent pollution of the water environment.

16) Environmental issues- Reason: To ensure the satisfactory translocation of the habitats and species in the interest of nature conservation.

17) Survey for badgers, otters and bats – Reason: In the interest of nature conservation.

18) – 20) Conservation of Natural habitats, installation of bird and bat boxes, no site clearance during bird breeding season, March – August inclusive – Reason : In the interest of nature conservation.

21) Trees and hedgerows to be removed and those to be retained – Reason : To ensure the satisfactory protection and management of the trees and hedgerows.

22)-29) Detailed restrictions on removal of trees, hedgerows, replanting of hedgerows, protection of retained trees, ground level contours, extent of each plateau, precise line dimensions of all new cycle-ways and footpaths, ground preparation and landscaping etc. Reason : In the interest of visual amenity and nature conservation.

One resident and one Local Councillor addressed the committee speaking against the recommendation. Letters were read out from Wayne David M.P. and Jeff Cuthbert A.M., both supporting the villages against the development. It was agreed that a registered vote be taken.  The result was 16 votes in favour of the development and 10 votes against the development.

We have lost this battle, but hopefully not the war.

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The planning decision for the 47 acre Ty-Du site will be made on Wednesday 5th March at the council offices in Pontllanfraith. The planning meeting will start at 5 PM.

Nelson Action Group will need all the support possible, in order to show the councillors our strong opposition to the proposed development.

If anyone wishes to attend, phone 01443 450 855 to book free transport.


Nelson Action Group has received the following letters:



Planning could possibly be granted next month, either the 5th or the 26th of March. When a date is known for certain, Nelson Action Group will provide transport for residents who wish to attend the hearing at the council offices in Pontllanfraith.


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Nelson Action Group has been advised by the planning department that they are now in receipt of further requested information on the Ty-Du site. A decision will most likely be made by the planning committee on one of two dates - the 5th or 26th of March.

Nelson Action Group would like to point out that there is a historic tram road adjacent to the Miner's Welfare Ground that has been a claimed right of way for many years. Nelson Action Group believes that the fate of this ground should be decided upon before any development is allowed on the site.

Nelson Action Group have been assured by an environmentalist that the tram road having an adjacent bank and stream together with the necessary variety of trees, hedges and flora contains all the necessary assets to ensure its protection. Further news on this issue is eagerly awaited from the planning department.

Many residents have kindly donated sums of money to fund the ongoing protest. Nelson Action Group is grateful for all of the financial support and hope to have a coach to transport residents to and from the council offices in Pontllanfraith when a committee decides the Ty-Du plans. Should permission be granted we will then attempt to take our case further.


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New protests scheduled:



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Site Meeting of 47 acre Ty-Du site on Monday 7th January 2008

Only nine of the thirty-two invited Planning Committee Councilors attended the above site meeting -accompanied by officers from the Planning, Legal and Highways departments of Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Twenty-one residents bearing placards staged a peaceful protest against the proposed business park development.

The site was viewed from both Bowen's haul road and the waterlogged lower area of the Miners Welfare Ground.

Councilors asked questions and made comments, after which residents were allowed to do the same.

When asked about any proposed highway improvements we were told of a few minor improvements; I.E. upgrading of the existing roundabout and traffic lights at Llanfabon Road - supposedly in this years budget. Improvements that are very badly needed.

A number of residents made comments and councilors listened attentively. Asked when we can expect the application to be heard we were told that the planning officers still awaited results of further information requested from the developers.

We have since been advised that the hearing will definitely not be on the 23rd of January. If the required information is not received from the assembly, possibly not on the February 13th meeting either.

Maybe the appalling weather conditions kept the Councilors away from the site meeting, but full marks to our twenty-one residents who braved the wind and rain and paddled through the standing water, proving as one resident stated: "We are not just fine weather protesters".  The village owes them a debt of gratitude. Thanks to them all.


Site Meeting at Ty-Du - Monday 7th January 2008

The above site meeting took place at 11AM. A number of Planning Committee Councilors with officers of Caerphilly County Borough Council met at Bowen's Haul road in atrocious weather conditions. 33 councilors sit on the Planning Committee, and all were invited to attend this meeting. In actual fact peacefully protesting Nelson residents with placards greatly outnumbered the attending councilors.

The site from Bowen's field was viewed and the greater part of the site extending over the Miners Welfare ground and beyond to the fields behind Somerfield Stores was pointed out and described. Also noted was the proximity of housing surrounding the area on three sides with farms and a number of residences on the southern edge of the 47 acre site.

Councilors and residents the left the haul road and proceeded down the A472 to the entrance of the Miners Welfare Ground. The lower part of the old football field was badly waterlogged. Hopefully councilors realized that the amount of water running down even that small area of the site. No wonder a massive holding pond is envisaged should this development ever come to fruition. An area the size of 2 football fields and containing 600,000 gallons of water will contain the "run off" water from the steep site will be adjacent to Somerfield Stores is described in the planning application as a leisure and wildlife reserve - complete with lifebelts!

The chairman allowed residents to ask questions and make comments at the end of the meeting and the planning officer present stated that this application could come before committee on the 23rd of January; failing that three weeks later on the 13th February 2008.

Members and friends of Nelson Action Group have done all we can to oppose this desecration of our green fields and we realize that when this issue comes before planning if the officers recommendation is to allow, then the final decision is with those planning committee councilors on the day. We think we have put forward enough genuine planning objections and show Nelson resident's strong opposition from 1981 to date for the councilors to overturn such a recommendation. However politics being what it is today, the ruling party might not give their members a free vote. We shall hope and trust that common sense will prevail and justice is done.

A big thank you to all members and friends who turned out today to demonstrate opposition to this proposed desecration of the Ty-Du site.


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The planning department of Caerphilly Council has arranged a site meeting for all members of the planning committee. This will take place on 7th January 2008 at 11AM.

The group will enter the site at the roundabout leading to Bowens quarry. It is not known how much of the 47 acres of green fields which includes the Miner’s Welfare Ground will be covered.

Members of the public are allowed to be on site during the visit, and to this end residents are invited to join the Nelson Action Group’s final peaceful protest with placards in the area of the roundabout at 10:45AM on Monday 7th January 2008.

The likelihood is that the planning application for the business park development at Ty-Du will come before the planning committee on Wednesday 23rd January at Pontllanfraith Council Offices.

Transport will be provided for those residents who wish to attend that meeting (if Ty-Du is on the agenda), and news bulletins will be posted around the village in the New Year.

For more information ring : 01443 450 855


The National Assembly for Wales petition committee has sent the following letter to the Nelson Action Group:



New important information

We have been advised that the Ty-Du site has been designated in the current Caerphilly County Borough Council 
"Regional Waste Plan October 2007" as a possible site for waste treatment and disposal, a B2 planning category. A 
public meeting will be held at St.Ives building, Ystrad Mynach on Thursday 29th November at 7PM. Our councillors 
and Nelson residents are invited to attend. Please make every effort to do so.


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The earliest date envisaged for the hearing of the 47 acre greenfield Ty-Du site planning application is 23rd 
January 2008. However this application is so contentions an issue with so many objections having been made against 
the proposed speculative "Prestigious 15 Unit Business Park", which will take 10 years in the construction; that 
Caerphilly County Borough Council are pre-empting any request for a site meeting by arranging one on Monday 7th 
January 2008.

This will not be reasonable time of day for councillors to appreciate the vast amount of traffic using the A472 at 
peak periods, or to appreciate the flora and fauna present in part of the site.

Members of the public are allowed to be present at any site meeting, but are not allowed to take part vocally or use 
any distracting behaviour.

The next planning meeting will be at Pontllanfraith on Wednesday 3rd December at 4:15 PM , where a peaceful protest 
with placards will take place.


Update on Petition to Assembly government to return Miner's Welfare Ground to Nelson residents

Seven group members attended a Petitions Committee meeting when a response from the "Assembly Parliamentary Services 
Legal Services" on the legal implications surrounding the above petition was considered. Our assembly member Jeff 
Cuthbert addressed the committee on behalf of Nelson residents, stating his full support of our request for the 
return of this ground as a leisure facility and the adverse effect on the village and residents quality of life 
should the proposed huge Ty-Du development be allowed.

Petitions committee member Mike German A.M also supported our petition and spoke on the history of the ground and the 
sad failure of the "Village Green" application between 1999 and 2002, when a high court judgement disallowed the 
application on a legal technicality dating back to the 1940's. Sadly, we have been advised that our current 
application to Caerphilly County Borough Council for Village Green status for the Welfare Ground must fail on the 
same ground. Our thanks to everyone who gave written evidence.

We await details of the official recommendations of the Petitions Committee.


The following information has been condensed and simplified from the documents deposited at the Nelson Library. 
Anyone wishing to comment in writing to the planning department of Caerphilly County Borough Council, 
Pontllanfraith, Blackwood, NP12 2YW ; by 6th December 2007, are welcome to use it.

Bat surveys

Only bats over flying the site were recorded by machine: I.E Pipistrelles , Long Eared and Natterer's . No physical 
roosting survey was undertaken, therefore in our opinion the survey is inadequate.

Summary of gradings of trees to be felled excluding No 805 - 806 condition/Amenity Value A-D

A = Prime - Retention most desirable.
B = Sound - Retention desirable.
C = Poor or suspect.
D = Moribund or Dead - remove.

Tree A B B/C C Total
Common Alder 1 25 2 3 31
Birch 5 5
Beech 8 2 1 11
Oak 7 1 4 * 12
Ash 1 1

Total: 59

* Oaks recommended to be retained as Wildlife Hulk

No's 853-854 = Group including Common Alder , Birch , Oak , Holly , Blackthorn , Hawthorn , Rowan , Goat Willow and 
Beech. All category B are growing on a hedge bank. Potential to form Good Trees.

18 species including Goat Willow , Oak , Holly , Common Alder , Birch and Crack Willow are all poor species.

A total of 59 trees are to be felled due to the development. These consist of 30 Common Alder , 5 Birch , 12 Oak , 1 
Ash and 11 Beech. All of these are mature trees in groups A-C meaning all but 4 in group C are sound and "Retention 
is desirable".

A further group of 18 mixed species are all poor specimens and really are the only ones that should if necessary be 

The following information may be used in comments to Planning Department, Pontllanfraith NP12 2YW.

Items 1-3 taken from the Hedgerow Regulation 1997.

1- Constraints plan from UDP dated summer 2002, identifies the majority of hedgerows within the site as "Important 
Hedgerows" when judged against the criteria set out in the above 1997 document, and should therefore be regarded as 
major constraints to development.

2- A high proportion of hedgerows within the site have bluebell growing as a hedge bottom plant. The protected status 
of bluebell automatically causes a hedgerow supporting bluebell to qualify as an "Important Hedgerow" under the above 
1997 document.

3- 24 hedgerows assessed, the majority forming field boundaries are depicted on the Llanfabon Tithe map of 1842, 
and therefore qualify as historic because they existed before 1850, also under the above 1997 document.

4- The mature tree lined hedgerow - stone faced bank and adjacent ditched stream marking the route of the old 
tram road (this being a "Claimed right of way" includes Stately Historic Oak and is not only of high wildlife 
interest but of considerable landscape value and likely to be an important archaeological artefact. It is 
recommended in the environmental statement that this is not breached.

5- 35 species of birds were recorded including 16 Redwind - being Red Data species, these are protected by schedule 1 of the 
Wildlife and Countryside Act. Also, 70 Greenfinches are roosting within this site.

6- Several habitats and species of principal importance for the conservation and biodiversity in Wales under 
section 74 of the Countryside Rights Of Way Act 2000 occur.


The planning department of Caerphilly Council has deposited in Nelson library additional information on the planning application Number 07 / 0782 - erect business park on 47 acre Ty-Du site:

1- Results of 2007 bat survey.
2- Drawing - Existing feature and tree survey.
3- Tree survey spreadsheet for above item.
4- Drawing 8A showing tree removals.
5- Drawing showing landscape sections.
6- Drawing D/01 Rev.A showing a revised layout.

Please make an effort to inspect these documents and if you wish to make any comments; please send them in writing to the council within the next 21 days from the 15th November 2007.


Dates of future peaceful protest arrangements

These protests with placards serve to show our continuing objection to the proposed development of the 47 acre Ty-Du site , following the various petitions already presented. Everyone is welcome to join us. So if you support the efforts of the Nelson Action Group please make an effort to attend one or all of the following venues:

Wednesday 14th November – Ponllanfraith Council Offices at 4:15 PM

Tuesday 20th November – Llancaiach Fawr Manor House at 4:15PM

Wednesday 5th December – Ponllanfraith Council Offices at 4:15 PM

For more information ring : 01443 450 855

New statement issued:



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Residents protest at council offices.

Pontllanfraith - Wednesday 24th October 4.30 PM

For more information: 01443 450 855


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The Webmaster has received another letter from CCBC replying to the letter of objection sent to CCBC regarding the Ty-Du development plan. The letter is as follows:



Nelson Action Group applies for the Ty-Du Ground / Miners Welfare Site to be given village green status

On Wednesday 3rd Of October, members of the Nelson Action Group applied to Caerphilly Council for the Ty-Du site to be given village green status.

This application has been backed by twenty-eight letters of support plus a number of other letters already received by Mr. John Rogers (Head of the legal department) through the post.

There were also four completed evidence questionnaires and a number of photographs of the site - both old and new.

The last attempt to gain village green status for this land took Nelson Action Group to the High Court where judgment was made against the application on a technicality dating back to the 1940's.

Nelson Action Group cannot lose anything by re-applying, and with this in mind an application has been submitted.


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A protest is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd of October 2007. Details are as follows:



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A protest is scheduled for Wednesday 12th of September 2007. Details are as follows:


Jeff Cuthbert AM has released a press statement supporting the goals of the Nelson Action Group. The press statement is as follows:


A protest poster for the Nelson Action Group has been created. The poster is as follows:



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Another protest outside Caerphilly Councils Office is planned.

Details as follows:



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Welsh Assembly Government environmental impact assessment added to website.

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Statement released by Wayne David M.P:



Reasons to object to the Ty-Du development added to the website.

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Wednesday 15th August.

Residents protest at council offices.

Pontllanfraith 4.30 PM

If transport is required call: 01443 450 855


Peaceful protest against Ty-Du development.

Every day (weather permitting) on the pavement opposite the Ty-Du site.

4.30 PM to 5.30 PM (all or part of the time)

Meet at the bus station at 4.15 PM

Pick up a placard.


Friends of the earth involvement

Our MP Wayne David has been in contact with Friends Of The Earth in an attempt to seek their assistance. They have kindly agreed to send someone to inspect the site, and will then write a report. The Nelson Action Group is very grateful for the support of both our MP and AM Jeff Cuthbert.


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A small placard demonstration has been conducted on the roundabout outside the site of the proposed development. Photographs of the demonstration have been added to the protest photographs section of the website.

Nelson action group need volunteers to take part in a larger placard demonstration against the Ty-Du development. All volunteers call: 01443 450 855

The Webmaster has received a letter from CCBC replying to the letter of objection sent to CCBC regarding the Ty-Du development plan. The letter is as follows:



Nelson residents are being supported by our AM Jeff Cuthbert and our MP Wayne David, who sympathise with our efforts to object to any development on the site; declaring it unnecessary since units and brown field sites are readily available throughout the Borough.

Campaign progress

Completed tasks

548 Preferred Local Development forms completed, requesting that the Ty-Du site is removed from CCBC’s Local Development plan. 

1692 signature petition handed to Welsh Assembly Government requesting the return of the miner’s welfare ground to the people of Nelson for their use.

Tasks in progress

A larger, village wide petition is being compiled objecting to the current application by the Welsh Assembly Government to erect a “prestige business park” (15 Units) on the 47 acre green field Ty-Du site.

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History of the Miners Welfare Ground added. 

Emergency Public Meeting 22nd July 2007 minutes added.

Statements for: 

Public Meeting 22nd July 2007

Public Meeting Wednesday 16th May 2007 


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